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Here at CouponRepublic.com.sg, we strive ourselves to find the best coupons available all over the islands and abroad to save our users money. Passion is the very backbone of our organization and is the reason why we do what we do so well. We spend the time looking so you don’t have to, giving you the best deals for all the leading brands, which is why you should always check out our vast database before you even think of heading to the check out page.

CouponRepublic.com.sg offers updates within minutes of their arrival, so that you are always in the loop and in the know of any discounts. We use our own sophisticated search engine so that you are able to quickly find relevant coupons to suit your needs at any time during the day. Whether you are interested in fashion, electronics or gifts – we guarantee there is always something for you to get a discount offer. We have also taken the time to create categories as an alternate means of research. You can alphabetically look at everything we have to offer, which is great if you are searching by categories.

We promise to cover all leading stores such as Zalora, Redmart, Far East Flora and Creative, as well as a number of international brand if you are looking to purchase your goods from abroad.

With each coupon, we have made an effort to include all the relevant details. Such as terms and conditions, which some people miss. What this means is that you get a completely honest description of what the deal entails, so you aren’t just heading over to the website and finding out last minute something which might discourage you from buying. Whether it is the date by which the coupon should be redeemed, or small clauses that require a particular amount of spending to activate, this will save you time and allow you to evaluate each offer before you use it.

Our user base is very important to us, which is why we spend a lot of time promoting discussion through various mediums. Primarily, we make use of blogs to spark conversation, which in turn helps us to tweak our services as you would like them. It also provides us with a way to gauge what the community looks for; leading to content that displays the most popular type of coupons.

Keeping in touch with you is our number one priority. It helps create the backbone of our community and improve your service indefinitely. We offer a subscription whereby we can send you the newest deals right to your inbox. We appreciate that people don’t always have time to go looking through pages manually, so let us do the work for you! All we need is your e-mail, which we guarantee will not be given out to third parties. We exist only for your benefit, not other companies – which should put your mind at ease and give us the chance to earn your trust.

Also note that we are fully integrated with Facebook, Twitter and Google+, so you can find us in many different ways. These profiles are updated often, so make sure to connect with us to keep up to date with all new information, as well as support the people who work so hard for your benefit. It’s also a great way to contact us in a way you are most comfortable with. We believe options are key to excellent customer satisfaction and are always aiming to showing you, our loyal user base why you have chosen us.





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