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Want a quick and easy way to have your food delivered to your doorstep?  There is only one brand you can trust in Singapore that represent shift, professional and effective delivery of any food on the menu : that is Foodpanda. Trusted by many as one of the best food delivery service provider in Singapore; you can just simply rely on Foodpanda and it’s sophisticated ordering system to deliver your favorite meal.


Ordering food from Foodpanda is quite simple, just enter your postcode, choose your favorite cuisine ranging from Japanese, Indian, Western, Chinese, Pizza or even Fast Food such as Subway.


In order to enjoy greater saving, one should check-out the periodic update of FoodPanda Voucher Code found on To get a Foodpanda voucher code of 10% to 40% OFF is possible especially during festive season; the FoodPanda teams will generously released their secret voucher code to it’s partner and use the partner’s platform to disseminate and propagate the code. Make sure you use your Foodpanda voucher code when you order to enjoy the perks.


After a long hectic-working day, you could just simply enjoy your dinner from top restaurant without visiting their premises. With a click or a tap on your mobile devices or tablet, food delivery will be made on time and you will quickly enjoy a sumptuous meal from these top restaurant : PastaMania, Old Chang Kee, Napolizz Pizza, 4Fingers,Yoshinoya, Tony Roma’s, Aromas of India, Spizza,Sarpino’s, Chili’s, BERGS, The Rotisserie, Omar Shariff Authentic Indian Cuisine, Canadian Pizza and many more .


At the moment, Foodpanda have partnered 200 restaurants that offer massive of cuisine selections , thanks to Foodpanda excellent delivery service network.

Satisfied customers are happy with the wide choices available for order online using Foodpanda.  You too can be happy with this variety of food options that you can easily order online from home or office.


No need to deal with the restaurant directly when you have the proven food delivery team at just a “Click” away.  Everything is completed online conveniently from home or office or anywhere you can make a internet or WiFi connection.  Expect round the clock food delivery service (Yes, they are operate 24 hours) from this online food delivery order portal.

You can also save money from the original price for food from participating restaurants and eateries if you enter a valid voucher code before check out. Remember to browse through the active voucher code found on


It is just what you need after a hard day at work, school or play and what better way to top it off is a relaxing time with food from your favorite restaurant delivered to your doorstep.  Having it delivered to you swiftly by a team of well-trained and professional service providers saves much stress and hassle. Make the order online for fast, efficient delivery from people with experience you can trust.  You are free to enjoy your time, thanks to Foodpanda, the number one food delivery service in Singapore.

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