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The women of Singapore have long appreciated the value of luxury grooming and skin care products.  Now, the men of Singapore are discovering the same benefits for themselves.   Both men and women in Singapore are seeking luxury products in stores, and definitely online.


Providing luxury skin care

When it comes to providing luxury skin care products, Luxola is definitely the Number 1 online store that should pop-up in your mind.  The #1 Beauty shop in Asia hand picks grooming and care products from over 200 brands.  Their website showcases thousands of products, carefully selected to provide customers with the best and most desirable makeup and skincare products from around the world. Their state-of-the-art ordering system are also offering Same Day Delivery.

luxola_banner2Shop at and discover the variety of luxury care products to suit your every grooming and skin care need.  Both men and women can refresh sun-damaged skin; turn back the clock with anti-aging serums and then protect the skin so comfortingly refreshed with a healing and UV-blocking sunscreen.

Never underestimate the importance of moisturizing your skin. The online beauty shop offers a selection of moisturizers to suit nearly every skin type and condition for both men and women.

luxola_banner5Caring for men

The Number 1 online skin-care store understands that it can take time for men to become familiar with new grooming practices and products.  All shoppers can access customer support by phone or email, or through the online chat service to ask questions in privacy about products and grooming care.

Many budget-minded men are unfamiliar with grooming products on Luxola are more sophisticated and offer much vast selections option than those found in the local supermart.  But upgrading skin care and grooming products doesn’t have to be financially painful.  Online savings are available when an active promo code could reduce the total cart value at checkout page.


From shaving products and hair care to facial mask treatments, sunscreen, and moisturizers, the Number 1 Skin-care online store helps open a world of luxury grooming and care to Singapore men.

Caring For Women

Most Women in Singapore are cost-conscious when dealing with grooming products.  Many Singapore women have already discovered the special product sales and the usage of Luxola promo code to enjoy discount benefits when shopping with the skin-care store.


The range of beauty and care products is vast.  Women can experience the joy and pleasure to be found in luxury products that pamper, protect, beautify, and nurture them.

Promo Code savings

There is no contradiction in speaking of luxury and savings.  Many luxury grooming and care products are used in smaller amounts than their lesser-costing counterparts.

Another way to take advantage of promo code offerings is to go online to  Enter “Luxola” in their search engine and you will be redirected to any latest special offerings available through the coupon code website.  These offerings are update frequently so check online at before you shop at the beauty shop online.


Merging the inner and outer beauty

Caring for your exterior beauty is a way of also treasuring and bringing forth your inner beauty.  You take care of your inner beauty.  Luxola will help take care of the outer you.

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