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Latest 10% OFF (no Min Spend required) – Valid till 30 Oct 2014
Latest REDMART  : 5% OFF – Valid till 31 March 2015
(For Returning Customer : Standard Chartered Card Required)
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One of the most powerful marketing engine that could tremendously increase your online sales revenue is coupon marketing. Redmart – the fastest growing groceries store started in Singapore have now begun using this powerful marketing tool together with other marketing strategies to drive sales, so we will be discussing how this will help.
Why coupons marketing so effective? Avid shoppers like you love to save money! A successful coupon code marketing could drive your business to a new level.  By carefully implement the discount rules, it could generally urge the shoppers to go into impulse purchase.

Spreading the word on coupon site like

The first and foremost important way in which Redmart coupons will provide an advantageous position is simple through the advertising it provides. Although the discount code will be giving customers the chance to get money off (example : $10 OFF with $75 Spent), the viral effect generated will offset the money spend on coupon marketing.

By establishing a strong relationship with coupon code site , featuring Redmart discount on these site could have generate huge impact and create buzz among the industry. It can help to increase brand awareness with minimal effort and at the same time can garners thousands of new customers in a very short amount of time!


The whole point of voucher code has, and always will be, a way to give consumers a reason to visit your store. Redmart, by offering discount codes, will at least provoke people to visit their online groceries store more often. If they spot something they already wanted to buy, they now have an incentive to buy now and get money off, which will mean that the sale created here was fuelled entirely by Redmart Voucher Code.

Getting customers to spend more

Again, one of the main misconceptions people have about coupons marketing is that they generally require big marketing budget. It could change the game by cleverly applying discount rule. Some of the Redmart promo code required certain spending threshold to activate the code. Most of the time, the merchant is on the winning side as only a fraction of entire cart value is discounted!

Building rapport

Customers have been proven to keep going back to stores that provide excellent customer service, on top of low prices. Discount code could also be used as a vehicle of reward, which is another reason customers tend to loyal to only certain premium stores like Redmart. If used wisely, voucher code could shows acknowledgement of the consumer and their loyalty, which in turn will keep them coming back if they feel appreciated.


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